The "Surfcruise" combines the functionality of a kayak with the exhilaration of a surf ski in a new, breathtaking Italian design. This concept boat is endowed with innovative technical features that allow the paddler to enjoy the stowage volume and stability of a kayak without sacrificing the rush of excitement induced by the wave-gliding ability of a surf ski board. With the unique, hybrid versatility of the "Surfcruise", you can plunge through breakers while you paddle without having to worry about remounting the board or emptying the cockpit. While cruising at a speed of just under 3 knots, you can activate a vacuum valve that in a matter of seconds quickly drains the cockpit, allowing you to keep riding the waves with no loss of stability.

When using the board without stowed cargo, you will experience the same gliding ability, speed and acceleration that an extreme surf ski can deliver; when used for marine camping, it offers an uncommonly generous cargo volume.

The “Surfcruise” allows you to fully experience the sea, enjoying the sun, the exercise, and the addictive surge of adrenaline generated by surfing waves. You can quickly reach bays and coves off-limits to motorized boats, explore corners and stretches of otherwise inaccessible beaches, and go on extended sea expeditions. The ample stowage capacity below deck increases the stability of the boat, and once the inner compartments are full you can lash dry bags on the deck from bow to stern – enough storage for marine camping. A new lifestyle awaits you, the means to discover the thousand faces of the sea and to sense beneath its surface all the mysteries that for centuries have stirred the human urge to sail the seas.

The philosophy that inspired the construction of this board arises from a unique personal experience of a lifetime at sea, leading to the discovery of this new way to appreciate the great gift called Life.