Installment Payment


Thanks to the partnership with Soisy: the sea immediately with SurfCruise and pay by instalments

3 good reasons to pay by instalments with Soisy:

1. 100% online

With Soisy the loan request is done directly online. You will not need to go the holding company branch, stamp and scan documents: you will do everything from your home or smartphone.

If your loan is accepted to sign the contract you will receive a message on you mobile with a code which you will insert online to finalize procedure.

2. Advantageous

Soisy is a platform for loans between privates so it is more affordable then banks or traditional loans platform, especially for clients with good creditworthiness.

An example: SURFCRUISE SPORT FIBERGLASS costs 2.700€ if you pay it in 3 years: 82.37€ x 36 instalments = 2965.40€ (for a medium creditworthiness).

All the expenses are included in the monthly instalment, there are no hidden costs: no costs for the preliminary activity, taxes, for the cash in or for early pay-off of the loan and no supplementary insurance. You will only pay the instalments for the number of months you have decided!

3. Quick

The request is done in a minute:

Inserting tax code and information on you work you will receive the estimate

If you like the estimate you can continue, you will need to insert other information (residence, information on your incomes, IBAN, which day of the months you want to pay…)

After in only 5 minutes you will know if your request is accepted or not.
If accepted Soisy takes a maximum of 24 hours to control all the documents and to do inspection against fraud: if everting is regular it will confirm the exit and you will sing the contract using the code you will receive by message. The day after SurfCruise will receive the payment and will take charge of your order. The instalments will start from the month after the order with the possibility to pay-off the loans early without added costs.